We tailor our services to your legal needs so that we can achieve the desired outcome together

01. Legal Consultation in Administrative, Tax, and Constitutional Matters

We provide specialized and professional legal advice in the areas of Administrative, Tax, and Constitutional Law. Our experts will expertly guide you through any legal challenge related to tax assessments, fines, or decisions (or omissions) by authorities. In every case, our priority is to protect your interests and assets, offering effective solutions backed by years of experience.

02. Litigation

When it comes to litigation, Corporativo Ibarra is your reliable advocate. Our legal team is ready to provide support in the face of tax authorities' review powers and solid legal representation in case there's a need to exhaust legal avenues, whether at the state or federal level. We ensure that your rights are protected at every stage of the legal process, providing you with security and expert representation.

03. Corporate Law

We understand the importance of strong corporate law for business success. We offer specialized legal services in this area to help regularize businesses. Whether you need to resolve issues related to the formation of companies, mergers, transformations, or dissolutions, we are committed to providing you with solid advice and solutions. Trust us for the growth and regularization of your company

04. Administrative Proceedings with Authorities

We accompany our clients in the administrative procedures they require to obtain notices, permits, authorizations and licenses, in any of the three levels of Government (Federal, State or Municipal).